Technical Exclusion

At Armor Technology PTE LTD, we strive to assist you with any technical enquiries you may have to the best of our ability. However, please note that there may be certain areas that are beyond the scope of our technical support team.

Hardware Conflicts
All goods and services provided by Armor Technology PTE LTD are guaranteed to perform their intended functions as agreed upon between the company and the client, in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act, Cap. 393.

Software Issues
We are happy to provide assistance with setting up your email client to access your emails, but if any issues persist, please contact your email client support or refer to their FAQ for further help.

The following pages may be useful:

Outlook Express
iPhone Mail
Mozilla Thunderbird

Software Conflicts
To install modem drivers, email clients, and browsers, you may need to remove other software that could potentially cause conflicts.

Operating System (OS) Problems
If you encounter issues such as fatal exceptions or illegal operations that are mostly related to your OS, please seek assistance from your PC/OS vendor.

Virus in Your PC
While we may provide suggestions on where to get help to clean your PC, we are unable to offer further assistance until the virus has been removed. The following anti-virus sites may assist you in removing some types of viruses:

Anti-Virus Software
Trend Micro

For Any Queries

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